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Bono, front man of Irish rock band U2 said: “In life, you try your best to hold on tight to your dignity, in death sometimes others have to hold onto it for you. The premise of hospice care is very close to the bone for me. The hospice was available to look after my father before he died of cancer. These people are kind of angels. They escort you to the door of your death; they are the midwives for delivery into your next life. The comfort and relief they provide is exponential, it spills over to family, friends and colleagues. It is a blessing that everyone should be able to receive. In the poorest of countries, where so many people are fighting for their lives, the conditions of death don’t get much of a look in. But how we care for the sick and dying is surely a litmus test of our humanity. Just as we fight for equality in life, so we should fight for equality in death.”

At St Francis Hospice we embrace these words and thank our loyal supporters for their financial support which enables us to provide comfort and relief to our patients and their families.

Please support one of the programmes listed below and join us in our mission to alleviate human suffering in our community.

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Someone once said, “One of the noblest things a person can do, is to plant a small tree that will one day give shade to people unknown.” Your Will can have the same powerful significance of that small tree.  Remembering St Francis Hospice in your Will is a gift to future life, in remembrance of your own life. And just like a small tree, your bequest can grow, becoming a living, sheltering extension of your own appreciation of life. At Hospice we care for the living – and you can share in the caring, through your Will, by making this last, most important gift that will make you forever part of the circle of caring that is St Francis Hospice.

Once you’ve decided on the bequest you wish to make, all that remains is to ask your attorney to draft the appropriate clause for inclusion in your Will. If you do make St Francis Hospice part of your Will, please let us know by emailing The saddest thing is not being able to say “Thank You!” for your gesture. We would also appreciate the opportunity to discuss with you options that may reflect your particular area of interest and support. These funds are deposited in the St Francis Hospice Trust as security for the sustainability of this vital service.


There are many ways in which you can make a real difference for the patients of St Francis Hospice.

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